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MMA Competition 6th April

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Our fighters "Enrico Manicaro" and "Krasimir Kirov" will be fighting in this event.

Our First Female MMA Fighter

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Our first female mma fighter, Krista Azzopardi wins her fight via TKO in the second round.

MMA Competition 7th September

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On 7th September both Enrico Manicaro and Krista Azzopardi will go to war in an MMA event in Malta.

Fight Sports Jiu-Jitsu

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Flag changed, Team is still the same. We are now part of the legendary Fight Sports Jiu-Jitsu under the great Cyborg. Luiz Manxinha Ribeiro leads, we follow ossss.

Title Fights Booked

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Enrico Manicaro and Krasimir Kirov will be fighting for the Featherweight and Welterweight Titles respectively in Scotland.

New Belts in the House.

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Congrats to Karl (Brown Belt) and Enrico (Purple Belt) on their belt promotion. A special thanks goes to our BJJ Head Coach, Luiz Manxinha Ribeiro for all his support and trust in all these years. We chose him and LFF because we believe they are the best and being part of Luiz army is an honour and a privilege. We had other offers but we don't fight for the best offer we fight for what we believe in, we are soldiers not mercenary. Osss.

Enrico Manicaro's Main Event Fight at Headhunters Fighting Championship in Scotland.

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Enrico did not get the result we all wanted but for sure he learned a lot against a very tough and experienced opponent in Chris Bungard.Making no excuses Bungard was the better man and Enrico fought like always with honour refusing to tap.

Fight Legion Malta does it again with a 2 out of 2 win at the Centurion Fight Championship Malta.

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Both our main competitors Head Coach Karl Mifsud and Assistant Coach Enrico Manicaro won there fights via Submission, being the only two Maltese Fighters to win on the night.

Karl Mifsud First Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi European Champion in Malta

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BJJ European NO-GI and Rome Open 2016 Results.

Head Coach and Fight Legion Founder becomes first and only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi European Champion in Malta after massive wins in Rome.

Enrico Manicaro started his fight well taking his opponent down and being in control most of the fight a mistake in the final minutes of the fight lead to a disappointing loss.

Walter Oosthuizen had a good performance taking the Silver medal home.

Fabrizio Ellul in his first international competition did very well taking a Bronze Medal back home.

Well done guys osssss.


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EFC 1 - Team Fight Legion Malta

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Combat Wrestling World Championship 2015

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Hi guys finally back in Malta and have a couple of free minutes ,a big well done to our fighter Enrico Manicaro at the World Combat Wrestling Championships winning a bronze medal first fighting Japanese super star mma fighter Sadahito Niimura losing only 2 -1 on point Sadahito won the division and then dominating Spanish fighter Jose Manso on point 7-0 this is a very good result for our team Enrico is a 100 percent fight legion fighter showing our high level training. Karl Mifsud head coach started the world's good submitting serbian fighter Alekso Bosnich with a guillotine in the first seconds of the fight then faced American fighter Matthew Kaiser submission 101 and Eddie dravo league fighter getting submitted with a ankle lock after taking Kaiser down Kaizen ended up winning the division by submitting UFC fighter Roli Delgado with a guillotine ,then Karl faced British sambo fighter Lewis Dunn and was arm bared after a guillotine attempted, this was a great experience with complete different rules than we are used too so am very happy with the result specially for our fighter Enrico Manicaro well done again a big thank you goes to Walter Oosthuizen for coming to support us and Combat Wrestling Malta.ossss